Until Bekka Posts…

June 30th, 2012 / / categories: Bekka /

I am going to do to her what I did with Tracey, and just provide some of her FB status gems.

On my mind right now. Bacon!!! And the puppy. She gets her surgery today. I wonder if spaying is like a hysterectomy. Does it throw dogs into early menopause? Do their lips shrivel up and do they get hot flashes and beards? Do dogs even go through menopause? I know, I have weird thoughts that run through my head.

Say what you will about the redneckery that is Honey Boo Boo, but that family really loves each other and knows how to have fun.

Trying to convince Weeko that Brian was in a boy band called the Blackstreet Boys.

Is there any word grosser than “panties”? I think not!

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