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I have been going to the farmer’s market in Monument Square the last few weeks. I’ve noticed that the majority of the younger vendors seem to have really crappy attitudes. That’s really unfortunate, too, because there are various other tents of folks around there that sell the same things these people are, so being a jerk is doing nothing but helping them lose customers. I will gladly buy my blueberries for $.50 more a pint from Farmer Joe who is kind and polite than from some hippie/hipster/yupster/recyclemom (that term is a whole other ballgame) who acts like my questions are annoying and/or I’m putting them out by wanting to buy their goods.

I mean, yes, I know Portland is a hipster haven (how ironic, the article in that link mentions the farmer’s market) so it comes with the territory, but really? If you’re trying to run a business, put that shit in check, Mac! Yesterday, this one twenty year old skinny-jeans-cut-into-shorts-paired-with-a-cutoff-pink-shirt-and-high-top sneakers dick was so busy  sighing and being an eye-rolling turd, that he overcharged me for my damn cucumber. I was so flustered by his rudeness, I didn’t even argue it.

I just don’t understand judgmental pricks like that. Oh, sorry the lame chick in her thirties isn’t cool or a human or anything because she’s not sporting arm tattoos and torn yellow polka dot stockings  under a pair of green shorts, a purple sweater with a teddy bear cut with the arms cut off and oversized sneakers. Oh gah, sorry I’m not bitchin’ enough for you to show some common decency. I mean, I am polite. I was raised that way. I say hello, please, thank you, and good bye. Getting a grunt, a hmph, a yep, and nothing in return makes me just see red. And when I see red, that politeness kind of melts away like water on a hot skillet and my feisty side might make an appearance.  When I deal with people like this, I want to take the little smart-mouthed judgy fucks, bend them over my knee, and tan their hides good. Did parents of the 1990s just drop the ball on teaching their children politeness? In trying to be overly PC and not offend anyone, did these people just let their asshole kids rule the roost, and that’s where this influx of dickholishness has come from?

Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying all hipster kids are pretentious scrotes, not at all. I am saying, however, that just because someone isn’t “cool” in your eyes, and you’re running a business, you might want to not be a total douche. Especially if the uncool person is wanting to give you money.

All this said, I must end on a happier note and say that the older lady who sells flowers close to the corner of Preble and Congress? She’s a gem. So SWEET. And I wish I could remember the name of the stand that I bought my blueberries from, because that old man was just a doll. On my next visit, I will get the name and give him kudos, too.